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Online Tutoring: What to Avoid

1. Pre-recorded lessons: Recorded lessons are a huge no-no when it comes to choosing an online tutoring program because they don’t respond to the specific needs of children. For a student to improve, the tutor needs to be giving proactive feedback to a student. 2. Help chatbots and answer forums: […]

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Online Tutoring: What to Look For

1. Minimum Requirements, Training, and Experience: Because there is no explicit necessity for tutors to have any qualifications in Australia, it is critical to choose a trustworthy firm that has high criteria for the level of its teachers. All tutors at ATC have a Band 6 in their respective subject […]

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Bad Studying Habits that needs to go

The act of studying is great, and parents should highly commend their child for their great efforts in studying. However, sometimes studying or not studying might not make a big impact on your child’s learning progress. This is because they have many bad study habits, and this could potentially waste […]

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How to Make the Most from School

1. Listen Carefully in Class By listening in class, you’d more likely retain what you’ve learnt when you look back at the work and wouldn’t need to completely re-learn it. This saves a lot of time for students. 2. Enjoy the Process of Learning If you aren’t enjoying, you aren’t […]

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