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Top 4 Tutoring Benefits

Everyone will have a different set of arguments for why tutoring is good. The four benefits below are the most important according to parents we’ve worked with, and they hold true for most types of students. Tutoring allows students to have more exposure to the subject content. That is, they […]

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Traits of a Toxic School Teacher

Before you roll your eyes to this article, whether you like it or not, not all teachers are the angels that the media portrays them to be. Even though there are a selected few amazing teachers who deserves the world because they help develop some of the most amazing people […]

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How to prepare for the NAPLAN

Preparing for the NAPLAN is a tough task for parents because parents either have never sat it themselves or it’s been a solid 20 years since they’ve last done the NAPLAN. Often, parents would buy some practice books and tell their children to do them. Is that effective though? To […]

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