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Premium Sydney home tutoring services for both primary school and high school students.

    Why should you invest in home tutoring?

    Is your child struggling at school? Are there some fundamental concepts that they just cannot seem to grasp? They may have gotten a bad report from school and now their confidence level has plummeted and they no longer enjoy studying. Perhaps you’ve tried sending them to coaching colleges, thinking that some extra lessons might boost their knowledge, but all that happened was that your child fell further and further behind as they couldn’t keep up with the others in the class.

    Now is the time for you to start looking for home tutoring services. At the Australian Tutoring Company, we offer in-home tutoring and private lessons for all subjects for students in Years K-12 including Mathematics, English, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Selective Schools Test, OC Test and lots more…

    We have home tutors who can travel to suburbs in the North Shore, Inner West and Hills District areas. Of course, some of our tutors can travel to other areas as well! Please call us to discuss your home tutoring needs.

    Why choose us for Sydney home tutoring?

    Our point of difference is the individual focus that each student will receive from the tutors with home tutoring. What is the point of simply sending a student to another classroom environment outside school hours? We strive to understand how each student learns. The result is that students are more comfortable and tend to advance more quickly because they enjoy the individual learning process.


    We understand that finding a tutor can be difficult due to increasingly busy schedules and taking your child to a centre and picking them up sometimes just isn’t possible. Our in-home tutoring service offers the highest possible level of exclusive and undivided attention with the comfort of tutoring or coaching in familiar surroundings. Our home tutors can provide quality tutoring at a time that is convenient for you, allowing you to save valuable time and money with transport.


    Of course, parents are always welcome to contact our friendly management staff to discuss the needs and progress of the students!

    Private Home Individual Tutoring

    But isn't home tutoring more expensive?

    Yes, our prices are higher compared to some other coaching colleges. However, we must consider the following: Our competitors charge between $30 and $50 per lesson with 5 – 20 children in each class. If the class is 2hrs long, you really could be paying up to $50 for only about 20mins of the tutor’s time. And that is also considering that the tutor gives any individual attention to the students at all!


    On the other hand, for the same 2hr lesson, we charge $120 (in-home, Year K-10). But the student will be getting the full 120mins of the tutor’s undivided attention in the most comfortable environment! The home tutor will be able to spend all this time working patiently with your child and really helping him to understand the basics, not rushing through a set lesson plan.


    Our prices are higher, but only on a superficial level. Home tutoring gets you much higher VALUE for your money. Think of it as investing in your child’s future! Contact us today to let us help you find a Sydney tutor and start seeing your child’s academic progress immediately!

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