September 10, 2021

Top 5 Signs Your Child Needs Tutoring

Child Needs Tutoring

1. Slow to no progress at school. If your child seems to be stuck on the same homework or topics at school and the teachers are already moving on to the next topics, your child is behind. The more your child is behind, the harder it is to catch up.

2. Hates Homework. Most kids hate homework but when a child hates it no matter what the activity is or even when it’s a simple find-a-word, that’s a sign that your child is constantly stuck on homework and is discouraged to do any homework.

3. Hates School. A child can hate going to school if they feel like they’re behind or ‘too dumb in the class’.

4. Deliberately Hiding Test Results. Unless you constantly put pressure on your child to get A’s and express contempt if they don’t, kids will usually tell you what they got in tests. If your child doesn’t, it’s a sign that they are not performing as you want or as they expected. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your child is struggling, but it may mean that their personal satisfaction may not be achieved and that there is room for improvement. A high achieving tutor can help guide your child to the right path to reach their desirable results.

5. Anxiety and Lack of Confidence. Honestly, as an adult and if you’re bad at your job, you’d at some point have the urge to quit and find another job. It is definitely hard to focus and try harder after failing over and over again. Same with children. They can feel the same pressure and emotions at school too, but they have less resilience than adults. Sometimes, a child’s abilities may not be lacking but their confidence is. By having an encouraging and empathetic tutor, your child can return on the right track emotionally and academically.

What we want to say…
If you’re a parent and you see 3 or more signs listed above and you’re unable to fix these problems by yourselves, it should be time to speak to us. We welcome all parents and students.

Honestly, would you rather have your child falling behind long term and having them to catch up on top of learning new content at school? Or would you rather take them to tutoring early, have a few lessons and fix the issues?

Whether it is to fix your child’s results or to improve on their confidence, tutoring with ATC is a worthy investment. You will see results from just 4hrs of tutoring (1hr a week).

What are you waiting for? Book in a free consultation with our managers about your child’s learning needs! Email us at or check out our website at or call us at (02) 8592 8558.

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