September 1, 2021

Thinking about doing the NSW Selective Test?

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Some parents argue that children do not need to do extra studying for the selective test because a smart and academically gifted child will always stand a chance against those who kids who are wasting their precious childhood in a stressful tutoring centre for up to 8 hours a week. Whilst other parents believe that the more studying the better chance their child stands against the many other student who have done the same.

We understand both point of views and believe that a middle ground is needed. Neither relying purely on knowledge acquired from school nor spending hours at a tutoring centre is ideal. The realistic middle ground that we need is some effective guided learning. Student who purely rely on knowledge attained from school will be disadvantaged since they do not have any selective test practice that their competitors have. Those students who study 8 hours a week are also disadvantaged because they are missing out on a huge part of their childhood.

So, what’s a realistic and acceptable approach where your child will not feel drained? We have a solution! We provide 1-on-1 selective tutoring to our students with the shortest classes available being 1hr! Within that 1hr, our students are given tailored help and is guided through questions in the way that best suits the student’s learning style. With our expert tutors’ tailored teaching, this is much more time effective and cheaper than spending 8 hours a week at a group/class tutoring centre where your child feels pressured to do better than the other students but receives no personalised help from the tutor.

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