September 10, 2021

Success Stories with ATC (No.1):

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“My child tried their best at school but is still struggling”

Two weeks ago, Parent A (don’t worry, we will keep our parents’ names anonymous) reached out to us by email and asked one of our expert tutoring managers why her daughter is still struggling despite her child is doing plenty of practice at home and is always concentrating at school. She also asked, why some other kids are doing much better when they’re not even focusing in classes.

Here is our short but effective advice: 

  1. Studying hard DOES NOT MEAN studying smart
  2. Time DOES NOT EQUAL TO progress
  3. Attending school and listening to the teacher DOES NOT EQUAL to absorbing what is being taught.
  4. Another child’s learning style DOES NOT EQUAL to your child’s learning style.

What does that mean? 

This means that the so-called ‘hard-work’ which parents usually see from their child is not the correct measure towards a child’s intelligence.

What has changed after attending ATC’s 1-on-1 lessons? 

With just two lessons with us Parent A has found that her daughter is studying much smarter now by focusing on key learning areas from the NSW syllabus and not random worksheets from the American syllabus. Her daughter finishes her studying routine earlier and has time to take on art classes. She is also much more focused in school because she is no longer emotionally drained. Our professional tutors teach her based on her own learning style.

It’s your turn…

As a parent, it’s important to ensure your child’s education is heading in the right direction. Want more information or to book in a free consultation with our managers about your child’s learning needs? Email us at or check out our website at or call us at (02) 8592 8558.

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