October 5, 2021

Success Stories with ATC (No.5):


This story was submitted to us by Margaret. She is a lovely parent who enrolled her daughter to our classes at the beginning of term three 2021.

Margaret’s Daughter Angela is a sweet and polite young girl who had just started kindergarten this year. She enjoyed attending school until term 3 when lockdown started, and she was forced to stay at home and attend online classes. For a 5-year-old, it was just so difficult because Angela didn’t know how to use a laptop properly and didn’t know how to answer the teacher’s questions using her mum’s laptop. Margaret has a full-time job at the same time, and struggled to be on business calls whilst helping her daughter with Zoom. Angela was learning nothing from online school and Margaret was going nowhere with her job.

As a result, Angela had to take a break from school as her mother’s job was crucial to keep the household’s finances on track. Margaret requested for Angela’s school to send her the classwork her daughter’s classmates have been doing and Margaret will teach Angela all of that outside of her work hours. It was a good idea, until Angela had trouble taking her mother’s education seriously. Angela finds it hard to associate her ‘mum’ as a ‘teacher’. As a result, Margaret reached out to us as she wanted to find a tutor who feels like a ‘teacher’ to Angela. We quickly provided Margaret with a tutor and Angela was once again able to continue with her schooling. Margaret was able to work in the morning and then attending online tutoring with Angela in the evening when Margaret is free.

Despite only having 1hr tutoring lessons twice a week, Margaret feels that her daughter is learning at the same pace as all the other kindergarten students because Angela received all the tutor’s attention and was able to help Angela right away. Margaret was able to watch her daughter’s learning process as well and she learnt some tips on how to keep Angela engaged.

Thank you, Margaret for putting your trust into us. For more information, please email us at or call us at (02) 9247 0835. Or you can also direct message us on Facebook.

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