September 29, 2021

Success Stories with ATC (No.4):

daughter needs any tutoring

“I honestly don’t think my daughter needs any tutoring but…”

Disclaimer: this parent reached out to us and wanted us to include her story with us on our blog!

This story is an old one, but it’s a gold one. Let’s call this parent Christine and her daughter Lily. Christine’s a single mum and she works very hard to provide for Lily. Luckily, Lily is a very understanding and mature child. She understood her mother’s situation perfectly and tried to cheer her mum by helping around the house and studying hard in her spare time. With her great effort, Lily made it into opportunity classes (OC), which is a prestigious NSW program for gifted and talented students (and only a selected few are accepted).

With Lily’s strength in academics, she wanted to attempt the selective test and continue to study in the competitive environment that she experienced during her time in OC. However, at the end of year 5, Lily realised that most of her classmates have been attending tutoring vigorously to prepare for the selective test, but she has just been doing some practice questions at home. With her class being encouraged to all sit the test, she realised that she has been scoring noticeably lower than everyone in the class for the mock selective tests.

With Christine’s financial situation, she reached out to us with no intentions of signing up to our lessons, but she wanted to see what her options were.

Here’s what we said to Christine:

We can offer a lot of study tips and we can recommend study guides to Lily, but the most important part of studying is to rectify mistakes and clarify uncertainties. Lily’s self-study is amazing, but she is not able to ask someone for the questions she is stuck on. With the same studying method, Lily won’t be able to do better than her classmates and others sitting the test across the state. A few key points we told Christine:

  1. How much tutoring is up to you and your child. Whether it is 10 hours a week or 1hr per fortnight, it really depends on your financial capacity and your child’s willingness to study.
  2. Christine can afford 1hr per fortnight and that was perfect for Lily.
  3. Lily needs someone to mark her essays and show her some quick methods in solving some problems she has been spending too much time on.
  4. If your child is willing to learn and is actively wanting to learn more, they deserve the opportunity.

What did Christine and Lily agree on?

Initially, Christine booked in one lesson with us. Lily absolutely enjoyed it! Prior to the lesson, Lily had marked down all the questions she was stuck on with her own practice books and the school’s study material. With Lily’s academic talent and our tutor’s tailored lesson, Christine has decided to invest in her daughter’s education by having fortnightly lessons with us.

The results…

Lily is now a year 10 student in a top selective school and till this day, our team still remembers how amazing Lily and Christine is! Keep in mind, Lily only had fortnightly lessons starting from the end of year 5. With the holidays included, Lily has had less than 10 tutoring sessions with us, but she was able to improve so drastically.

It’s your turn…

Do you resonate with Christine’s story? Is there something we can do to help with your situation or do you have a story to tell us? If you’re wondering, just email us at or check out our website at or call us at (02) 8592 8558.

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