September 18, 2021

Success Stories with ATC (No.2):

My son worried

“My son is in year 6 and is worried about high school. He feels like he is behind…”

At the start of term 3, Amy Faber (don’t worry, we will keep our parents’ names anonymous) reached out to us by phone and asked one of our expert tutoring managers how we can help to prepare her son for year 7 next year. Her son is currently struggling in year 6 content and probably needs to relearn everything from the start of year 5. His NAPLAN results from year 5 shows that he is below the Australian average in all aspects.

Here are a few steps we told Amy to follow:

  1. Ask your child’s class teacher for a list of areas for improvement.
  2. Book in some 1-on-1 lessons with our tutors.
  3. Ask your tutor to teach your child the first few topics of English, Maths and Science from the year 7 syllabus. A little head start will boost their confidence by a lot!

What does that mean? 

Look, a classroom teacher does not have the extra time to help your child outside of school hours. It is going to be difficult for them to give 100% focus to your child to ensure that they fully understand what they’re being taught. A good idea is to get a private tutor and have them go through everything your child is struggling with.

What has changed after attending ATC’s 1-on-1 lessons? 

With Amy’s son, not only did he catch up on most of his lacking areas, but he also gained confidence! Of course, our tutoring lessons wouldn’t have made an impact if Amy’s son did not put in the effort. With his hard work and his trust to his tutor, he was able to overcome all his academic weaknesses. Congratulations Amy! Thank you for putting your trust in us!

It’s your turn…

As a parent, it’s important to ensure your child’s education is heading in the right direction. Want more information or to book in a free consultation with our managers about your child’s learning needs? Email us at or check out our website at or call us at (02) 8592 8558.

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