November 26, 2021

SIX Important HSC Survival Tips

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From one of our recent HSC Students (class of 2021)

1. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Choosing a subject is not an easy process but talking to a career advisor about a course’s requirements and your own academic background can point you to the right direction.

2. Stay consistent. HSC is a marathon, not a sprint. It rewards students who devotedly approach it, not scattered study. Remember that after a 17-hour test, your grades are not the result of studying the night before, they are the culmination of your annual efforts, including in-school subject ranking. Listen actively in class, stay organized, take notes, and check revise.

3. Study smart, not hard. Studying is not necessarily about putting the hours in but putting the effort in to concentrate and understand what you are learning. If you are spending time on the table reading, but you’re not understanding anything you read, you are wasting time.

4. Stick to the right person. HSC is a team effort, and you will be incredibly close to the people around you. It is beneficial for everyone to have an intimate circle of trusted friends to discuss essays and assignments. Make sure not to plagiarise!

5. Stay focused. It’s not uncommon to experience existential crises on an HSC journey but getting involved in them is often a waste of time. Don’t neglect the decisions you have to make, believe that everything will work in the end. The most successful students don’t sweat the little things and keep the big picture in mind.

6. Listen to yourself. Keeping your mind and body healthy during HSC is essential. When you want to take a good study break, do something you like. This can be talking to someone, cleaning up the space around you, playing some music, writing a diary entry, taking a nap, going for a walk or anything relaxing as long as it doesn’t disrupt your study routine.

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