October 3, 2021

School Teachers vs Private Tutors

School Teachers vs Private Tutors

As a team, all our staffs and tutors appreciate all the hard work teachers do for students and the community. However, sometimes students may need the help of external sources to supplement their educational journey. Here are a few ways schoolteachers differ from private tutors.


  • ATC: 1 student with undivided attention.
  • School Teachers: 30 students where some students’ struggles may go unnoticed.

Teaching style

  • ATC: tailored to our students.
  • School Teachers: teaching style that suits most of the class, but not all students.


  • ATC: book in, cancel, reschedule lessons with 24hr notice. Students and parents can choose the lesson day and time.
  • School Teachers: can only seek a teacher’s help during school hours.

Selective/Opportunity Class results

  • ATC: our private tutors are all high achievers of the HSC. As they are high achievers, most of them have undertaken the OC and Selective test and many of them graduated from selective schools.
  • School Teachers: statistically, most teachers themselves did not study in a selective school and did not sit the selective test.

Do you think our comparison is valid? Please let us know what you think!

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