November 14, 2021

School Readiness Program | Preparing Your Children for School

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It’s never too early to get ready for a lifetime of learning. At Australian Tutoring Company, we believe this wholeheartedly – which is why we offer a school readiness program designed specifically for children from the ages of 4-5.

What We Focus On In Our School Readiness Program

We strive to equip all our students with the knowledge they need to thrive in kindergarten and beyond. Here are a few of the primary areas of focus in our School Readiness Program

  • Creativity and art – We encourage the development of a creative spirit with craft sessions, drawing lessons, singing and music, storytelling, and more. From finger-painting to origami, your children will be exposed to art, music, and so much more at our program – and their creative minds will be jump-started and develop more quickly.
  • Literacy – We focus on basic reading skills at our School Readiness Program. We can handle readers of all types. Whether you’ve got a precocious child who already knows their “ABCs”, or a student who needs a bit more help learning to read, our tutors and teachers are always here to help.
    With a small number of students and a comfortable, fun learning atmosphere, your children will be able to make great strides toward literacy – preparing them for kindergarten and their future schooling.
  • Numeracy – Understanding basic arithmetic is essential for young learners. We use a game-based approach to teaching numbers and basic things such as addition and subtraction. Your children will be able to intuitively grasp the basics of numeracy – providing them with a foundation for the rest of their education.
  • Listening skills – When starting school, a classroom environment can be challenging for young children. They’re easily distracted and sitting still and listening to a teacher can be difficult. We work hard to develop listening skills in your child, ensuring that they will be able to pay attention to their teachers, and learn more effectively.
  • Social skills – Interacting with other children is a huge part of school. We encourage the development of healthy social skills in our early learning classes. Your children will interact with others at our early learning centre, and our tutors and childcare professionals will encourage healthy social skills and behaviour.
  • Fine motor skills – From opening a lunch box to beginning to write, fine motor skills are important for everyday life at school. By encouraging kids to draw and be creative, we allow them to develop these skills, and become more comfortable with their bodies, and how they interact with the world.

 What’s best about our program? It can happen in your home or online! We are now delivering our school readiness program to kids that are just about to start Kindy. If you’d like to book in a lesson or simply discuss your child’s needs, feel free to call us on 9247 0835, or email us at

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