November 20, 2021

Online Tutoring: What to Avoid

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1. Pre-recorded lessons: Recorded lessons are a huge no-no when it comes to choosing an online tutoring program because they don’t respond to the specific needs of children. For a student to improve, the tutor needs to be giving proactive feedback to a student.

2. Help chatbots and answer forums: While these forums and chatbots might be useful additions to tutoring, they should not be considered a substitute for lessons. Avoid tutoring centres that use pre-recorded content and then give chatbots or forums for students who get stuck. If your tutoring consists of watching a lecture and then joining a forum to ask questions – or watching a video and then doing homework on your own time – your child is likely to become disengaged and struggle with the more difficult subjects.

3. Group tutoring: When it comes to online tuition, large group sessions are ineffective in generating the interpersonal setting that parents seek for their children.

4. Unprepared tutors: A clear call-out is also made for lesson preparation and materials. Nobody wants to watch an instructor struggle to grasp the fundamentals. You don’t want a mediocre job while you’re paying for it, especially when it comes to your child’s education. Look for tutoring companies that provide materials, lesson ideas, and frequent training to their tutors on how to keep kids engaged online. Expensive online tutoring does not guarantee increased academic performance, therefore there is no use in breaking the bank for tutoring that may or may not enhance your child’s scores. Examine what works and the tutoring methodology provided by your online tutors.

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