September 1, 2021

Online Tutoring helps struggling students catch up.

Online Tutoring helps

Have you seen the number of news articles about how tutoring has helped so many struggling students during this global pandemic?

I’m sure you have! You might have not had the time to read all of them, so here is a summary:

  1. ONE TEACHER vs THIRTHY STUDENTS. So, who can the teacher focus on? We all have two eyes and so do teachers. They wouldn’t even notice if a student just stuck a picture on their front camera and pretended to be in class! An even tougher task is for teachers to even notice that your child is struggling in class and needs more attention. A students’ struggles can easily be brushed off unnoticedly.
  2. The MORE STRUGGLES a student encounters in their education path, the MORE MAGNIFIED each CHALLENGE (e.g. school exams, NAPLAN etc) becomes. With the basics not even clear to a student, how will they be able to solve more difficult problems?
  3. BUSY PARENTS working from home. With parents working in their rooms, children online learning from their rooms and teachers struggling to manage an online class of up to thirty students, doesn’t that mean nobody truly knows where a student stands in terms of their proficiency level? A child may have many learning gaps, but this may go unnoticed to many parents and students.

As parents, it’s time to start investing in your children’s education. Make those learning gaps smaller and help them through the most difficult parts of the education life. Want more information on how to start supporting your child’s education? Book in a free consultation with our professional tutoring managers about your child’s learning needs by emailing us at or check out our website at

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