October 13, 2021

Let’s talk about in-home learning

Tutoring Centres Sydney

In-home tutoring is a mode we offer here at ATC. In-home tutoring is basically a service where a tutor goes to your home to teach your child with the work they’ve tailored to your child or work that you would like the tutor to go through. We have gathered some benefits and drawbacks of in-home tutoring:


  • Zero travel time and costs for parents and students: parents can save on transportation fees and the time taken to take your child to tutoring and to take them home after. As a parent, you’d also not need to wait for your child’s lesson to end and waste hours just on waiting.
  • Home will always be the most comfortable environment: as school learning is on campus and you think your child requires tutoring, do you think the competitive school-like environment is for you child? Sometimes, the most comfortable place is the best place to learn, because a child would feel secure enough to ask questions and voice their concerns (an important part of learning).
  • You can check up on your child’s progress: tutoring centres usually require you to drop off your child and you’d be expected to wait outside of the classroom. With in-home tutoring, you can drop by and see whether the tutor’s working well with your child and ensure that the lesson is running smoothly.
  • Efficiency in asking for homework help: your child has all their homework at home and can quickly bring out the work they would like to get help on. On campus lessons may struggle with this because when a student left their work at home or came in with the wrong work, the lesson may become pointless.


  • Awkwardness for the tutor: sometimes for introverted people, they may find it intimidating when they’re at a stranger’s home. They may feel like they’re being watched by the student’s family and perform not as well as they would like to.
  • Lazy Children: getting too comfortable at home is also a problem as kids may start to slack off due to the environment being a little lacking in setting a study tone.

Let us know what you think of these benefits and drawbacks! If you’ve got more to add, please let us know! To contact us, please email or call us at (02) 9247 0835. Or you can also direct message us on Facebook.

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