October 19, 2021

How to prepare for the NAPLAN

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Preparing for the NAPLAN is a tough task for parents because parents either have never sat it themselves or it’s been a solid 20 years since they’ve last done the NAPLAN. Often, parents would buy some practice books and tell their children to do them. Is that effective though? To some extent it helps parents understand their child’s areas of weakness and familiarises them with the layout of the exam, but does it help in terms of filling in what your child has forgotten or needs to relearn? Absolutely not!

Here is our advice to our parents:

  1. Tell your child to complete some NAPLAN practice tests. Parents mark them and list the areas of improvement for your child.
  2. Locate the correct resources that helps rectify your child’s weaknesses either from the school or from the bookstore (must be following the Australian curriculum).
  3. Teach your child those concepts and topics from those resources you’ve acquired.
  4. Complete a few more NAPLAN practice tests and continue to observe for areas of improvement.
  5. Help your child improve on those areas by following steps 2 – 4.

If you can follow these steps for a few months, your child can do well in the NAPLAN test! If this task is too hard for you to manage, leave it to us! We have many professionally trained tutors who do this task very well.

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