October 31, 2021

How to Make the Most from School

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1. Listen Carefully in Class

By listening in class, you’d more likely retain what you’ve learnt when you look back at the work and wouldn’t need to completely re-learn it. This saves a lot of time for students.

2. Enjoy the Process of Learning

If you aren’t enjoying, you aren’t learning, you’re just attending and that is wasting the opportunities of less fortunate people who can’t enjoy the privilege of becoming a more knowledgeable individual.

3. Respect School Rules

Even if they’re excessive and unreasonable to the point that it limits your personal decisions, at the end of the day, they’re only implemented for the duration you’re inside the school. It isn’t hard to tolerate something for at most 6hrs a day, right?

4. Take Advice

A teacher at school wouldn’t give you bad advice because this will cause harm to their role within the education field. So if a teacher ever gives you advice, it probably is good advice in their opinion.

5. Make Friends

Having no friends and connections at school only disadvantages you. If you have the right connections, you’d be notified for news you’ve missed out on and you’ll have people who support you through your educational journey.

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