October 9, 2021

How to choose the correct tutor for your child.

tutor for your child

It is crucial to choose the right tutor for your child. Choosing the wrong tutor or tutoring company can potentially lead to:

  • A waste of time and money
  • Learning irrelevant content
  • Not meeting your child’s learning needs
  • Hindering school progress of a child

Here are a few things you need to consider when selecting a tutor:

  1. What are your child’s grades and what is your goal in tutoring?

A child that is doing well and is seeking for more challenging questions is very different from a struggling student that needs personalised help. If your child is exceling, they will have a choice of class-tutoring or one-on-one tutoring because in either way, they will be able to keep up and learn. However, a struggling student will need one-on-one tutoring. Putting them in a class environment, will once again enhance the learning gap they already have and lower their self-confidence.

  1. What is your child’s learning style?

Sometimes, a tutor may not necessarily benefit a child when their teaching style is difficult for a child to understand. The best way to solve this issue is to attend one-on-one tutoring lessons where a tutor can develop their learning plans according to a child’s learning needs and style.

  1. Have you had a tutor before? Did it help your child? If not, do you know why?

Learning from past events is very important for parents and students. If something does not work, it needs to be stopped and you’ll need to understand why it didn’t work out. By understanding what doesn’t work for your child, you are more likely to find a tutor that is suitable for your child.

The best part about ATC is that we have over 100 active tutors meaning that we have 100 different unique teaching styles. We ensure you that the quality of our tutors is always at a high standard, and we value our tutors as much as our students.

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