October 15, 2021

Goodbye Remote Learning

Low Cost Online Tutoring

With lockdown easing and children returning to on-campus schooling, it is important for students (especially those who are not yet vaccinated) to take a few steps of precaution. Below is a short summary of what we believe we can no longer do due to the Covid19 pandemic, that school students used to do:

  • Hugging friends after a long break
  • Sharing food and water
  • Playing high contact sport such as oztag
  • Big assemblies
  • Cannot drink from bubblers
  • Distancing in elevators
  • Distancing on public transport
  • Class parties
  • Borrow clothes from your peers (e.g. borrowing other students’ blazer for a school meeting)

If you’ve got more to add, please let us know! To contact us, please email or call us at (02) 9247 0835. Or you can also direct message us on Facebook.

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