November 2, 2021

Challenges that your child could be facing at school

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1. Bullying

Bullying can come in many types of form, but here we will talk about the obvious. Here are some ways a student could experience bullying:

  • Social exclusion: from teachers or other students.
  • Teacher biases and lack of acknowledgement to students they don’t favour.
  • Physical harm from members of the school
  • Online bullying and harassment
  • Spreading rumours and defamation
  • Unfair assignment of duties and roles in group work
  • Lack of teacher support when a student seeks help
  • Unasked/unnotified changes made by school members without consent of the student or notifying students of major changes.

2. Behind in Class

Falling behind in class is one of the worst motivation attackers. This needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

3. Lack of Personal Motivation

Whether it is the lost of interest in school or if it’s due to personal reasons, motivation for school needs to be restored in some way.

4. Lack of Challenges at School

Sometimes schoolwork can be too easy, and your child may feel a little too comfortable. That’s a sign that they need to start learning something more challenging.

5. Uncomfortable Environment

Sometimes a school’s environment may be a little uncomfortable for students because the environment can be a little too intimidating.

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