September 25, 2021

Benefits of ATC’s 1-on-1 School Holiday Tutoring Lessons:

School holiday tutoring

School holiday tutoring has been a very popular choice by many parents due to the continuous positive impacts it can have on a student’s grades and mindset towards school. Here are the impacts that we’ve noticed about our 1-on-1 tutoring lessons on our students:

  1. Tackle Learning Gaps

Learning gaps are highly undesirable. A small gap from each term can lead up to a big learning gap if a child does not bridge this gap early. School holidays are a good time for children to revise and re-learn what they’ve learned during the previous school term. With our private tutors, your child will receive a tailored lesson that is planned based on your child’s learning style.

  1. Maintain Motivation for Studying

Many students lose their concentration and motivation to study after the school holidays because they haven’t been in the study and learning environment. With just as little as one hour of 1-on-1 tutoring a week during the school holidays, students are able to maintain their positive attitude towards the learning environment. Our students will also be supplied/suggested with study material to keep them focused.

  1. Prepare ahead

Learning ahead of your peers always has many benefits. Students can offload their study stress during the school term to the school holiday where they are less stressed and have more time to learn at their own pace. By preparing ahead, students can refine their skills during the school term and ace their exams with the ample time spent on studying.

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