November 10, 2021

Bad Studying Habits that needs to go

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The act of studying is great, and parents should highly commend their child for their great efforts in studying. However, sometimes studying or not studying might not make a big impact on your child’s learning progress. This is because they have many bad study habits, and this could potentially waste all their time spent on studying. Let’s talk about a few here:

1. Studying in a loud setting.

Scientific studies have shown that studying in loud environments leads to a lower retainment of information. As the brain is processing the background noises, less study content is being absorbed into the brain.

2. Talking to someone whilst studying.

Texting and studying or talking to someone over the phone whilst studying is another horrible habit. Alike studying in a loud environment, having a conversation without someone whilst studying is very distractive and you’d be constantly switching between the two tasks. By the time you finish answering your friend’s texts, you’d have already forgotten what you were studying before, and you’d need to look at that again.

3. Studying too comfortably.

Yes, a comfortable study environment is important, but if it’s too overly comfortable, it can be associated with relaxation activities such as studying on your bed will make you think it’s nap time and you will be likely to fall asleep.

4. Studying easy content and ignoring harder concepts

A lot of the times, to make themselves feel more productive, students choose to study easy topics and things that they are already good at. For concepts that they do not like or cannot understand, they will usually gloss over them and quickly move on. This is a horrible choice because once it comes to exams, you cannot pick and choose what to do in the same way.

5. Eating junk food

Although snacks can help a student sit down and reward them for their hard work, it can also lead to overconsumption of many unnecessary fats, salt, and sugar. A better alternative is to have a meal after the study session instead of snacking whilst studying.

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