October 7, 2021

Back to school tips by students to other students

Back to school tips

YAY BACK TO SCHOOL… well technically back to online school for many Australians due to the lockdown. However, we are finally returning to onsite schooling very soon! To have a great school term, it is crucial to plan for the many upcoming events. We have surveyed many of our students regarding what their best tip for planning ahead is and here is what they believe is the most important:

  1. Create a flexible and realistic timetable. Use time wisely when you have time.
  2. Study throughout the term and don’t always rely on cramming before exams.
  3. Reward yourself for the great work you’ve been doing.
  4. Focus more time on subjects you’re struggling with.
  5. Seek help early when you’re stuck on homework or any parts of what you’re learning.
  6. Learn to move past bad results from previous tests and start building more confidence by doing more practice.
  7. Teachers, tutors, or any sort of academic assistance will not work unless you are willing to learn and put in that effort after class time.
  8. Maintain healthy mental health by practicing mindfulness and gratitude. Think about the positives when you’re unhappy about some events (e.g., grades, friendship problems, school-stress).
  9. Don’t ever give up! The only person you are harming is your future self as giving up is sabotaging the opportunities your future self would have.
  10. Eat healthy and drink plenty of water.

Do you have any tips you believe is important and you want to tell us? Let us know! Please email us at or call us at (02) 9247 0835. Or you can also direct message us on Facebook.

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